Teetotalers Reel

I found an OLD cassette tape in my desk from 1982.  On it was a recording of me and hammered dulcimer player named John (he played hammered dulcimer - he wasn't a dulcimer player who was hammered).  Sadly, I can't recall his last name. 


We put a one mic in the middle of the unairconditioned July-Texas-small-house-living-room and played this tune.  Obviously it was one take.  I'm not too proud of my timing on my solo, but hey, I was a wee lad trying to keep up with John (who obviously hadn't seen the speed limit sign) and it was just a living room jam.  ;-)


I've included tab for the head of the tune and a variation as well .  I don't play this variation on the recording.  I'll record it soon (with better timing) and get it up here.