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I play guitar for Tim Rushlow's Big Band


DeLoach Films - Need a film done?  Check out my little brother's award winning work at DeLoach Films!  Here's a Demo Reel.  From working in the studio, I've found something in common with Grammy award winning producers - they make you feel good about yourself and they keep the environment relaxed and fun.  Academy Award nominated Daniel DeLoach creates the same relaxed and fun vibe when doing a video shoot.  The go to guy for artists such as Lyle Lovett, Guy Clark, etc. you won't find a better source for A+++ video/film.


Karin Dreyer Photography - There's photographers, and then there's PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Karin makes it seem to easy to get a photo that looks like a magazine cover (by the way, her photos have been featured on several magazine covers).  The best photographer I ever used without a doubt.


Jamey Aebersold - When I was a young jazz student (as opposed the old jazz student I am now) I used Jamey Aebersold's play along records to practice improvising.  I am very honored and humbled that Jamey hand selected by my guitar book, Play Skillfully, to be included in his catalog of educational resources.  There is a TON of great material at this site.


The Classic Ax - If you're within driving distance of Nashville and need a guitar set up or repaired, Greg is THE MAN!  This guy does the best set up/repair work of anyone I've ever used.  He's on Music Row, does all the big names' guitars, but if you walk in off the street, he gives you the same attention he does the pros (well you should probably call first and make an appointment before you try walking in off the street ).  No apprentices at this shop - its all Greg.  I really appreciate the time he takes to talk over your instrument and evaluate the options.  A first class guy for sure.  


John S. Kinnard Instruments - John Kinnard built the dreadnaught you see my playing in my videos (see picture below).  He is a true artist, who builds for artists.  His guitars are some of the best sounding/best playing I've ever made music on - and for a hand built instrument, they are priced very affordably.  My dreadnaught is exceptional for both flatpicking and fingerpicking.