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Welcome to David DeLoach's guitar site!


Greetings!  I hope my site can help you grow as a musician.  New material will be added to the site periodically.  If you would like to be notified when that happens, you can join the mailing list by clicking HERE.


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Check out my blog, Guitar Planet, for additional insights and somewhat unique thoughts about guitar playing, creativity, and music.

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Thanks, and happy picking!



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Gig with my band

I put this band together, do the booking, scheduling, make the charts, etc.  A lot of work, but a lot of fun.




Playing with Tim Rushlow's Big Band

I was honored Tim asked me to play with some extraordinary musicians on his Big Band album which will be coming out this year.





My acoustic guitar Christmas album, WE THREE KINGS, and accompanying guitar notation/TAB songbook are now available!


The album WE THREE KINGS is available on iTunes and Amazon, and the accompanying guitar songbook is available on Amazon


These deep arrangements will not only add to your repertoire, but will also open your eyes to new ways to approach solo guitar arranging and playing



To preview/purchase album on iTunes, click HERE

To preview/purchase the album on Amazon, click HERE

To purchase the guitar notation/Tab song book on Amazon, click HERE



June 14, 2012

I just returned from an incredible 2 week trip to Musaka, Uganda were I worked at an orphanage.  The team I went with had a dentist and doctor each of whom were able to examine and treat the 200 kids who live there.  We were also able to provide materials and help build a building which 11 teachers will be able to live in (which will help attract and retain better teachers for the children).  They have no electicity or running water.  These kids were incredible - it was so hard to leave.


I was able to bring 2 guitars along and teach the kids a few chords.  I left the guitars there and have hopes that in this very musical cultture the kids will get good use out of them.  One young man could play G, C, Em, and D chords perfectly after his first hour of instruction!




You have more than you think you do.



Jan. 3, 2012

Out of the 1.1 million books that are listed for sale

on, my guitar book,

Play Skillfully - Volumes 1, 2, & 3,

is ranked #200 in sales.

Thanks so much for making this happen!


Learn more about this book HERE


If your New Year's Resolution includes mastering the fretboard in 2012, this book will be a great resource for achieving that goal.



Some Americana @ Puckett's down in Columbia, TN









Photo from a recent gig at The Hard Rock Cafe

Dec. 3, 2011


Got to crank up the amps and hear those tubes complain.  So nice to play high energy soul-rock with Sharif Iman and an incredible band at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville




For additional insights into guitar playing, check out my new blog, GUITAR PLANET

Nov.14, 2011


I created this blog as a place of dialogue, questions & answers, and somewhat random pontifications about all things musical and guitar related.  You can check it by clicking on the link below...


Guitar Planet - the blog




Gigging in Nashville

Nov. 8, 2011





Welcome to!!

Nov. 6, 2011



Its early November 2011 and the site JUST went live.  Click on the video categories by the guitar on the left of the page to see free lesson videos and accompanying printed material.


I'll be adding many more videos in the days ahead, so please sign up for the Newsletter to be informed when new material is added to the site (I won't give out your e-mail address to anyone).


Also, I'd appreciate you letting any of your guitar playing community know about this site (via guitar forums, etc.).  My hope is that I can get some good momentum here and add several hundred lessons.  I've got them in my head already - its just gonna take the time and effort to crank them out.


In the "MUSIC THEORY" category, I plan to eventually have a track of lessons that will give you the equivalent of a college education in music theory applied to the guitar.  It is my hope that this site will open doors for a lot of guitarists who do not have access to a local teacher or music school.


The more resources this site brings in, the faster I'll be able to get these lessons created.  


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I really want to make this site a good positive resource for guitarists (and lap steel, uke, and mandolin players).  I appreciate any feedback on how I can improve the site, or suggested lessons you'd like to see.  Just click on the CONTACT link on the top of the page.


Thanks so much and happy picking!


David DeLoach